Seeds for Families

SEED 1: UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF CHILDREN: There are many perspectives on child development and no two children are exactly the same. However, there are segments of time in the life continuum of a human being that can gleam insight into how to relate to a child. After discussing your child’s biography, we can review child development theories to come to a greater understanding of your child’s temperament.

SEED 2: HARMONIOUS HOMES: Living peacefully with children is a balance between the needs of the adults and the unique needs of the developing child. Tara is skilled at helping parents rearrange the layout of their home so that it inspires responsibility and cooperation within children.

SEED 3: WHOLESOME SNACKS AND MEALS FOR CHILDREN: Tara has a wide range background in whole foods preparation including the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and 5 Element theory and raw food preparation. We will go over your family’s typical daily food intake and create a menu that is nutritious, child friendly and catered to your family food culture and the seasons. We will also create simple recipe books which contain yummy, healthy snacks and lunch options for your children. 

SEED 4: FAMILY RHYTHM: Developing a family routine that works for everyone can be a challenge with individual scheduling. After discussing your family’s daily-weekly and seasonal schedule, we will map out specific rhythms that can bring more balance, fun and reverence to the mundane. 

SEED 5: HOME SCHOOLING: Tara offers curriculum development to home school parents. In addition, she offers yoga and enrichment classes for home school children. Tara is available to schedule both the yoga and natural enrichment classes during the school day.

SEE for descriptions of FLOWER PLAY 

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