Seeds for Teachers

Tara provides individual and group services for teachers  
Teaching is more than a vocation and most significantly,
teaching is a way of life. 

A healthy teacher makes a healthy classroom community    
for both children and parents.

“The first essential is that the teacher should go through an inner, spiritual preparation--cultivate certain aptitudes of moral order. This is the most difficult part of her training, without which all the rest is of no avail...She must study how to purify her heart and render it burning with charity towards the child. She must ‘put on humility’ and, above all, learn to serve. She must learn how to appreciate and gather in all those tiny and delicate manifestations of the opening life in the child’s soul. Ability to do this can only be attained through genuine effort towards self perfection.”

                                                             -Maria Montessori-

Putting together a full picture of the school year, involves looking at the curriculum presented and the developmental needs of the children. If you are a class teacher or a specialty teacher, we will work with planning the seasonal broad strokes of the year and the more detailed aspects of curriculum writing and lesson planning.  

SEED 2: HARMONIOUS CLASSROOM: The layout of the classroom and the daily rhythm support the hidden curriculum of the classroom: community and a sense of belonging. We will look at how the arrangement of the room contributes to greater ease in classroom management.

      In planning the map of the classroom, we will work on scaling the environment to the children’s level so that they have a greater sense of responsibility for their space. Next will be considering how scheduling the day offers more balance to the energetic needs of the children and the teacher. Lastly, we can integrate our understanding of the relationship between the prepared environment and the order of the day 

SEED 3: WELLNESS RHYTHM FOR TEACHERS: The rhythmic life of the teacher is a challenge. As the school year progresses, many unknowns sprout and time and space for wellness can slip away. The consistency the teacher offers to the class community, is followed by the wellness that is coming from within. 

    We will explore creating a daily routine for the teacher that includes: morning reflection, wholesome food preparation with recipes, daily exercise, curriculum planning and parent calling hours, parent evenings and faculty relations. 

SEED 4: YOGA FOR TEACHERS: the practice of classical hatha yoga offers a respite for teachers. Tara’s classes comprise of breathing exercises, postures, relaxation and meditation. Aspects of yogic philosophy and how it relates to education are shared during the flow of the class.

SEED 5: CHILDREN’S YOGA IN YOUR CLASSROOM: Tara has taught yoga for children since 1997. She has taught in public and private schools for ages nursery through high school. You can invite Tara to teach in your school or childcare center and demonstrate how to incorporate yoga in your classroom. Lastly, Tara will consult with you on how to present yoga with your class.

“…it is clear that the adults responsibility for young children do not have the task of teaching them. Instead, their task is to provide an appropriate environment and an example of creative engagement and transformation of this environment in a way that is suitable to be imitated.”

                                                                      -H. Gilbert-

Classes and consultation scheduled by request

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