Healing Lotus Zen Shiatsu Therapy

Tara Rachel Jones
ABT, AOBTA member, NCCAOM certified

Tara offers Zen Shiatsu Therapy to adults, teens and children. 
Shiatsu is a form of Asian bodywork. Its origins are rooted in both
Chinese and Japanese medicine. The work is based on balancing, harmonizing and supporting our innate healing process.

Shi means finger and Atsu means pressure in Japanese. Gentle finger pressure, usually, thumb pressure or palm pressure, is applied along the meridians to support opening up the smooth flow of energy throughout the body.

This fully clothed full body session is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate. It is a positive compliment to a wellness practice. 

Shiatsu is beneficial for both adults and teens because it helps to reestablish inner balance and replenish reservoirs of energy. 

Children enjoy shiatsu because it soothes their little nervous systems.

Go to www.floweryoga.com and click on Healing Lotus Zen Shiatsu Therapy to read a full description of Tara’s Zen Shiatsu practice and background.

Tara offers Zen Shiatsu Therapy at The Arlington Center

Please contact Tara to schedule an appointment

The first session is 90 minutes      $100
The sessions that follow are 1 hour $85

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